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Fowey River Gallery

Harbour Reflections by Julie Adlard

I took a trip into Fowey, and went to one of my favourite local art galleries. The place is full of costal pieces representing Cornish heritage. I particularly enjoyed the range of media on display from standard watercolours, to more textured painting incorporating newspaper. There are also 3D works, like handcrafted miniature cottages, sailboats made from washed-up beach-wood and ceramic patterned fish.

There were a collection of unique pieces by Rob Braybrooks, who cuts shapes in light birch wood and frames them on a dark painted background. He creates scenic silhouetted images, such as dog walkers on the beach and cottages by the sea.

I enjoyed looking at the handcrafted models too, particularly Helen Williams’ work with driftwood and paint. I also found a collection of books on sale, and was mesmerised by A Sketchbook of Cornwall by Amanda Hoskin, which is a assortment of watercolour scenes with attached notes bound in a truly beautiful book.

However, it was the work of Julie Adlard that reminded me of my true love for mixed-media. Her piece ‘Harbour Reflections’ shows a row of houses on the Quay with ladders leading down to fishing boats. There is a lot of dimension and texture in the piece, as she appears to have painted over fabrics/netting, which appropriately links in with the theme of old fishing towns. There are also hints of cubism which complement the array of blueish hues in the water, and in addition mimic the reflection of the boats. Adlard has really inspired me to bring back mixed media into my own work, perhaps I could approach new projects with fabrics and texture in mind.

Harbour Reflections by Julie Adlard (close up)

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