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How to create a children's picture book...

After the completion of my second year and all the projects involved, my fascination for children's book illustration has only increased. Over the summer holidays I have been reading material relevant to my interests in a bid to make me better at crafting a simple yet gripping plot and sketching the illustrations that go alongside it.

The first book concentrates on the writing part, the biggest insight it has provided me with is character creation and how to make a character more than just a physical image. Personality traits can be portrayed through speech, decision making and illustration. Another helpful aspect was the 32 page picture grid detailing a basic breakdown of how a story should progress.

The second book, concentrates on the illustrative side of things and outlines how to form intriguing characters that you connect with and want to read about more than once. The development of your own style is also essential as it makes your work unique and recognisable.

Two very worthwhile reads!

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