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Pog of the Pond

My favourite project from second year was creating a children's book for the Batsford Prize. For some of my favourite scenes please see my Instagram @char_scribbles.

Here's a bit about it:

Pog of the Pond is a story of empathy, compassion and the founding of an unusual friendship between a boy and a lost alien.

Whilst embarking on their quest, Pog discovers a lot about the behaviour of a child named George, learning lessons of sharing, sympathy, curiosity and kindness.

As for the lost souls, they serve as a purpose for George and Pog’s adventure, but also a reminder that together, we are a lot stronger and can achieve dreams such as space travel. Juxtaposing ‘being human’ with an extra-terrestrial character, creates a story about the acceptance of diversity and the abandonment of discrimination.

My creative process incorporates both manual and digital techniques. I begin by using watercolours to create the textured elements of my scenes e.g. skylines and trees. Next, using Photoshop, I edit the saturation, shade and brightness of these elements to suit their purpose. Finally, using the paintbrush tool I add in characters, florals and minute detail to complete the illustration.

The final pages of the book are under completion. They essentially show them finding the last soul, during which George injures himself and Pog uses the knowledge of his species to aid him. This demonstrates how people think and deal with problems differently due to their diverse backgrounds. The final scene shows the duo fixing the ship and Pog thanking George for his kindness when he writes a message of appreciation in the night sky.

It’s only really during my time studying graphic design at Nottingham Trent University, that I have realised my potential as an illustrator. I’ve always held a tremendous love for books and was read to frequently at a young age. Coming from such a small village in Cornwall, has perhaps made me more aware of the power of prejudice, so a story promoting the beauty of diversity amongst children is truly meaningful to me.

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