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Postcards in Roscoff

On the way home, we had a few hours to spare in Roscoff before getting on the ferry back to England. We pootled down the main street, weaving our way through lots of tiny, bubbling shops brimming with personality. I discovered the work of CH-CAMBIER on a stand of arty postcards, there were a whole collection in beautiful pastel colours. The loose abstract paintings displayed local beaches, and shapely figures of tourists leading their pets down the promenade. My favourite exhibits a few beach huts and a couple walking with their child below a gorgeous sky filled with paragliders. The colour scheme matches the sights you’d see daily in Roscoff and helps to bring the image alive, the yellowish under tones in the sky and cast across the road really convey the warmth of the little town.

I’ve really enjoyed the unique opportunities and artists I’ve discovered internationally, as it exposes me to creativities from different cultures.

A stand of postcards I found outside a small shop in Roscoff.

The Shore

The Waterfront

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