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Visit to the House of Illustration

At the weekend I took a trip to London with my family and visited the House of Illustration. I first looked at an exhibit dedicated to Ludwig Bemelmans's sketches for Madeline, the classic picture book. Published as early as 1939, Bemelman's rough drawings and dummy books show insight as to how he created his stories.

In the south gallery was a more modern exhibition depicting the current political climate. YiMiao Shih created beautiful, embroidered illustrations on fabric under the title "Rabbrexit Means Rabbrexit". She also crafted, newly minted 52p and 48p coins and aeroplane landing cards for rabbits stripped of their British citizenship. The pieces come together to form satirical genius.

In the main gallery, a full collection of work by pop artist, social activist and nun - Corita Kent. "Power Up" portrayed a revolutionary perspective on misogyny, racism and war, using bold typography and meaningful slogans to challenge the Roman Catholic Church.

(All photos are taken from The House of Illustration website)

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